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I regret to inform you that given the current restrictions due to the novel coronavirus and Covid-19, all current and future stage projects or performances have either been canceled or postponed indefinitely.


The songs from RÄUBER HOTZENPLOTZ are now available online on the website of the Mainfrankentheater Würzburg. Click here and scroll down to the web players. 

This year’s holiday season play for the whole family at Mainfrankentheater Würzburg is an adaptation of Ottfried Preussler’s DER RÄUBER HOTZENPLOTZ. The premiere will be held on 24.11.2019 in the Large Hall.

Directed by Bea Martinek, we’ll once again be a trio of musicians (Kevin Sauer, accordeon, Lorenz Huber, double bass, and me, guitar) to provide another fantastic musical score .

Click here for further details and upcoming dates:


Song samples from SIEGFRIED are now available online on the website of the Mainfrankentheater Würzburg. Click here and scroll down to the online player. 

On 24.03. 2019 my children’s opera SIEGFRIED, DER KLEINE DRACHENTÖTER will have its premiere at the Mainfrankentheater Würzburg. I’ve started writing the music based on a libretto by Berthold Warnecke last summer, rehearsals have been taking place since February this year.

As I’m also the musical director on the production, I’m very much looking forward to performing on these upcoming dates that you can find here under Live Performances or at the following link:

If you’d like to learn more about my opera, please check out the following video:


Selected songs from RONA RÄUBERTOCHTER are now available for listening online on the website of the Mainfrankentheater Würzburg. Click here and scroll down to the web players. 

This season’s play for the whole family at Mainfrankentheater Würzburg will be RONJA RÄUBERTOCHTER by Astrid Lindgren, to be premiering on 25.11.2018 in the Large Hall. I’m excited to be working again with Catja Baumann directing. But I’m also especially excited about the opportunity to be working with two absolutely fantastic musicians, a personal highlight on this one: Tobias Schirmer (drums) and Lutz Koppetsch (sax). This is gonna be a great one to be performing with these two top notch musicians.

For further details and dates:


Excited to announce that I’ll be serving as musical director on the project FREIFLUG in the city of Kaufbeuren, Germany. With FREIFLUG all forms of culture within the city join together to create a joint performance, from schools to brass bands to professional formations. We’ve been holding workshops since March, the public premiere will be on 09.06.2018.
Check out the trailer below:



The drama/thriller HONG KONG REBELS, formerly titled “Stories Forlorn”, for which I wrote a score in late 2013, is finally coming out on VOD and digital. It will hit iTunes/Apple TV in US & UK on August 28, with other VOD platforms to follow.

Click here to check out some samples from the music on Soundcloud.

There’s also a new trailer for the film:

You can find the full movie here on iTunes:

LOST PLACE @ Jerry Goldsmith Awards

944389_287909254678310_262048914_nHere’s great news: I am extremely honored that my score for LOST PLACE has been nominated for BEST MUSIC IN A FEATURE FILM at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2014. The award will be given out during the International Film Music Festival in Cordoba, Spain. Keep your fingers crossed. A big Thank You to everyone who made this possible: Natalie Kleinhammer, score producer Alex Weimer, conductor Richard Hein and the amazing musicians of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, contractor Josef Pokluda, engineers Jan Holzner and Vitek Kral, Vincent Favrat, Thierry Baujard and the team of Just Temptation, music mixer Borris Manych, Martin Frühmorgen and Holger Lehmann from Rotor Film, Godwin Borg and Kronos Records, Mikael Carlsson and MovieScore Media, and last but not least Lost Place director Thorsten Klein. Congratulations to all my fellow nominees in all of the categories. 

Click here to listen to samples from LOST PLACE.

You can also get the soundtrack album that includes over 40 minutes of my music here: iTunes | amazon DE | amazon US | amazon UK


First Review: Stories Forlorn

Stories ForlornThe Hollywood Reporter got a review up for the Hong Kong indie film STORIES FORLORN by Uri L. Schwarz and Jason Sankey and it’s a good one too. Unfortunately no word about the score, though. I wrote and produced the music for STORIES FORLORN during summertime last year. Go here to listen to a few sample tracks.

One of Stories Forlorn’s strengths is its dedication to treating non-Chinese Hong Kongers and mixed heritage characters as people rather than tokens or using them as shorthand for trouble. Sankey and Schwarz clearly understand this world, and are very careful to inject a thread of veracity into the dialogue and the images, which both lend the film a strong sense of time and place.

Read the full review.


Out Now: LOST PLACE Soundtrack Album

Finally it is here: The soundtrack album for the mystery thriller LOST PLACE comes from MovieScore Media (physical release) and Just Temptation (digital). It features over 40 minutes of score performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, plus a few songs from the film.

Get it from:
iTunes | amazon DE | amazon US | amazon UK

Click here to pre-listen to all the tracks.

For the album the music was re-edited by Mikael Carlsson who did a fantastic job making this a great listening experience. The album was produced by Mikael, executive produced by him, Godwin Borg and Vincent Favrat, and mastered by Gabriel Séverin.

A big thanks to everyone involved.